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Welcome to PositLive! Life is not perfect. It’s full of challenges and difficulties. You’re probably thinking, isn’t this supposed to be uplifting? Why all the negativity? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading. Accepting those statements and not being in denial of them is ironically the first step to being uplifted. So go back and reread them, and let them sink in. Just think, have you ever met someone who says they’ve never been through a hard time, had a disappointment, loss, or mishap? They’ve never been told “no”, been rejected, or felt any concern, worry, distress, or sadness? If you have, that person is both lying to you and themselves.

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But know this, if you do happen to spot that unicorn who’s never faced adversity, they should be pitied not envied. The truth is, yes life is not perfect and it is full of challenges and difficulties. However, it is those things that cultivate strength, wisdom, understanding, resilience, and perspective. If you’ve ever reflected on a difficult time and felt grateful for what it taught you and the person it made you become, then you can understand how such difficulties and challenges can turn out to be a good thing. Unfortunately, there is also a flip side, which is that they can just as well bring on hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Those emotions can come suddenly, but more often they build up over time without us realizing it.

Again, welcome to PositLive! Let’s redirect our challenges and difficulties away from hopelessness but toward wisdom and perspective. Let’s find beauty in the imperfections, hope in trials, and more in less. Let’s nourish the interconnected life-building cornerstones that are our mind, body, and soul. Whether you are at rock bottom or on cloud nine, this is for you; Because we can all do more to positlive.


Positlive: [poz-it-liv] v. 1. To live life positively.

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