Soul: Deeper Connection

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Christopher Boswell. “A perfect storm is just the right weather to make a lighthouse earn its keep for weary travelers”

The page, “Soul,” is about improving our spiritual health with a more positive outlook on life and the bigger picture. It’s connecting with the deepest part of who you are (your soul) and connecting that to the bigger picture. This happens by deepening our relationship with God through prayer, reflection, reading/meditating on the Word, and growing in wisdom and understanding.

It is by far the most crucial and most challenging. Crucial because understanding the bigger picture and deepening our relationship with God are foundational to a healthy mind, body, AND soul. Crucial because it provides an unbeatable perspective. However, it’s also challenging because there are so many forces out there bent at derailing us from that relationship. Challenging because there is no finish line. It’s definitely a never-ending, life-long journey.

On this one, you are going to doubt, falter, regress, maybe even abandon. But remember that no one is perfect and those setbacks are not uncommon. What matters is finding your way back. Each time you falter and return, you gain a deeper understanding and perspective. The truth is, we are all at some end of the spectrum of this journey.  And wherever we are on the spectrum, we all cycle between doubt and faith, regression and growth, despair and renewal. But as we take steps forward and steps backward, the goal is to have an overall forward motion. Go to Soul.

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