About Me

Hi! My name is E. Ballay (pen name), founder of PositLive. I am a life-long learner, chocolate addict, coffee and tea lover, and heath enthusiast. I enjoy writing, music, and art, as well as good books, coffee shops, travel, spending time with friends and family, and uplifting people when they’re down.

I consider it somewhat of a blessing that life has given me plenty of lemons. On the bright side, I’ve had to make plenty of lemonade while gaining perspective and appreciation for four critical areas of well-being: Mind, Body, Soul, and Relationships. In sharing my thoughts in these areas, I genuinely hope to help you live life with positivity.

PositLive is like my lemonade stand. I have made plenty of lemonade that I want to share. This site is here for you to retreat to whenever you need your daily serving of something sweet in the midst of life’s sour challenges, difficulties, and setbacks, which we all experience from time to time. So take a sip. Read, reflect, and restore.

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