Thought of the Day

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”

In life, there are many doors, or roads, that lead to happiness. And we find ourselves trying to open these doors. However, more often than not, happiness isn’t planned or orchestrated. Instead, it can present itself without our deliberate effort–without us paving the way toward it.

In this quote, John Barrymore describes this as a happiness that sneak in through doors we didn’t realize we left open.

If we dig in a bit further, this quote reveals much more…

Perhaps happiness isn’t all about trying to opening the doors that are already closed. Perhaps, the “key” to happiness doesn’t necessarily open these doors. Therefore, we should not only ask ourselves which doors we forgot are already open, but also leave these doors open when we discover them, so happiness can continue to flow.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By peshkova

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