Thought of the Day

“If you work on something a little bit every day, you end up with something that is massive.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By CameraCraft

A bird’s nest is made of so many twigs, dry grass, and moss that have been procured from near and far and then carefully and properly placed. The pieces are small and light. However, they result in a fairly sturdy and livable structure.

Imagine all the back and forth trips and all the little pieces that come together to build that nest–something so necessary and impactful. Naturally and instinctively, the bird knows it needs to add little things, bit by bit, to build something massive.

And we should remember that too, in our own lives.

This quote, by Kenneth Goldsmith, reminds us that it’s okay to work on something little by little every day. Because it can and does eventually end up becoming something massive. Once we understand this, we can find value in and motivation for all the little pieces it takes to complete our nests.

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