Thought of the Day

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

To truly apply this quote by Mahatma Gandhi, you first have to reflect on what it means for a person to live as if they were to die tomorrow and what it means for them to learn as if they were to live forever.

Unfortunately, many people switch the words “tomorrow” and “forever”. As a result, they do the exact opposite of this quote. They live as if they were to live forever (not appreciating each day) and learn as if they were to die tomorrow (finding no need to learn anything new).

However, this quote is about not taking a single day for granted and living life to the fullest. Meanwhile, the second half is about being a life-long learner.

How might you bring these meanings to reality?

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By VectorMine

The specific actions you would take for each part of this quote will not be the same for everyone. Perhaps you’ll make a commitment to start each day with gratitude, connect with a friend, do something meaningful, or make time for your favorite hobby. Maybe you’ll go somewhere new, do something new, or do something now. Maybe you’ll make an effort each day to learn something.

Whatever actions you take, they should enrich your mind and spirit. Thereby adding a sense of perspective and fulfillment to each day.

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