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Living Life Poetically: Dream Catchers

“Dream Catchers” is a poem inspired by a conversation I had with someone close to me. They had good intentions. But my goodness, talking to them was such a buzzkill. I felt like I had to defend every decision I was making toward my personal goals and objectives, and every explanation I gave didn’t seem good enough.

It took me a few days to re-motivate and reenergize myself–to remove the seeds of doubt they had planted in my mind and spirit. I had to remind myself of my why, and trust that I was making the right decisions for myself that they may not understand.

In the end, I learned that whenever you find yourself having to defend your goals, ambitions, and dreams or the path you choose to get there, it’s best not to waste your energy, especially when you find that having to defend your dreams and decisions seems to be a pattern with certain people. It’s not worth it. Instead, reserve that energy to keep forging ahead.

Dream Catchers
Photo Credit: Original Image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

There will be those who try to kill your dreams 
When theirs seem to have flown out of reach.
They will try to make you feel silly, unrealistic, and naïve for having them.
They will try to force you to defend them as if they were criminal,
Acting as the judge, jury, and executioner of your ambitions,
Perhaps to silence the nagging reminder that they have yet to pursue their own ambitions.

By E. Ballay

Written August 9, 2022

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