Living Life Poetically

Living Life Poetically: Life in Physical Form

The poem, “Life in Physical Form”, forces us to imagine what our life would be if we were to create a physical representation of it. In a way, thinking of life in such a literal and physical sense can help guide us in thinking about the life we actually live.

For instance, is it “dull” or “yellow” also asks whether you’re mostly sad or mostly full of vibrancy and joy. And the question of whether it’s small or grand can also be a question about whether you feel small and therefore are not living your life to its fullest.

So, as you read this poem, consider what each description means in your life and what that implies for the life you hope to live.

Life in Physical Form
Photo Credit: Original Image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

If your life were tangible,
What would you see?
Something small, dull, or yellow,
Or something grand?

Would it taste bitter, sour, or sweet?
Salty, spicy, stale, or bland?

Would it feel cold like blizzard snow?
Warm like the evening sun?
Or hot like desert sand?

Would it produce the sound of a beautiful symphony?
The sound of heavy metal?
Or the sound of a marching band?

Would its scent be like perfume?
Artificial in a bottle?
Or like a flower held in one’s hand?

If your life were tangible?
What would it be?

By E. Ballay

Written August 8, 2022

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