Thought of the Day

“Without darkness, there are no dreams.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, Syda Productions

If you happen to sleep with your eyes open in complete brightness, then you may not understand this quote. Otherwise, you’ll understand that without darkness, there are no dreams. You literally have to close your eyes in order to create darkness so you can fall asleep.

This quote, by Karla Kuban, is true when it comes to both literal dreams and aspirational dreams.

The thing about aspirational dreams that is often overlooked is that in order to have them, there’s some aspect of your life that you’d like to change–An aspect you wish could be brighter. If it was already a reality, it wouldn’t be a dream. For instance, you wouldn’t dream of traveling the world if you’re already traveling the world.

While literal darkness allows us to dream, metaphorical darkness allows us to aspire. And by extension, it allows us to hope. And we all know how important hope is when it comes to living life with positivity. Therefore, let’s embrace the hope that can often be found in our darkest moments.

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