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Ancient Literature in the Age of Modern Technology

Although it’s one of the oldest books ever written and one of the first to be printed with the Gutenberg printing press, the Bible is a book that a majority of people will never read in its entirety. In fact, it’s one of those books most people will never read even in its majority.

Whether you believe it documents actual historical events or not, here are three things to keep in mind regardless: 1. Unless we were lucky to have a question and answer session with God, we cannot possibly know everything; even if we read the Bible cover to cover a thousand times. There are parts of the Bible that only God can fully explain. 2. The Bible has many life lessons and stories on basically every human condition–from jealousy, revenge, death, poverty, abandonment, and remorse to wealth, faith, wisdom, and how to treat others, including those that society tends to look down on or condemn. 3. The Bible is for anyone looking for a bit more understanding, meaning, connection to God, connection to a bigger picture, or just inspiration through stories and anecdotes.

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But just looking at it would scare off even the most avid reader–with its thick binding, tiny print, and no pictures, except (maybe) one or several maps at the very end. Sadly, because reading it seems so daunting, most of us never do. As a result, we tend to miss out on quite a few things. Listing all of them is impossible.

So here are a few of the benefits:

  • Getting the bigger picture that a comprehensive reading provides.
  • Seeing how prophecies in the Old Testament align with the New Testament; each written by different people, in different places, at different time periods.
  • Developing a deeper relationship with God and Jesus by connecting your life with the Word.
  • Having the discernment to recognize false doctrine, including those presented by people in positions that grant them credibility in all things biblical.
  • Finding truth through your own personal relationship and connection with God.
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Fortunately, the app, YouVersion, makes reading the Bible a lot less scary. Daily reading plans allow you to read the entire Bible within one year. There are also many other reading plans focusing on specific areas such as patience, faith, relationships, and finding joy. There are even built-in reading plans for kids.

Also included are daily Bible verses, the ability to listen to the Bible in audio, select a different language, highlight verses, and add notes. You can also create and share verse images and synch your progress, highlights, and notes to any internet enabled device. There’s even a search function to search for anything from specific books in the Bible to specific topics, places, and names.

Once upon a time, the Bible was only in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Furthermore, it has been prohibited in the past [The Council of Trent (1545-1564), Pope Pius VII (1800-1823), etc] and is still prohibited in some parts of the world today. With all of this considered, YouVersion is somewhat groundbreaking. In the era of computer science technology, one of the longest, most challenging, perplexing, and confounding books of all time is now more accessible than it has ever been.

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