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Only You

Of the estimated 100 billion people who have ever lived, it’s fascinating to think there has only ever been one you. Even identical twins aren’t completely identical. Although they share the same DNA and may look exactly the same (especially at a young age), the fact that their parents and close friends and family can tell them apart is a testament to their subtle differences; which by the way, become more distinct over time with things like gene mutation as well as environmental and epigenetic factors.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By 300_librarians

Basically, no one else has ever or will ever look, talk, walk or sound just like you. No one has ever or will ever share the exact same thoughts, opinions, talents, abilities, perspectives, or life experiences. Even more fascinating, no one has ever or will ever have your fingerprint or have your exact handwriting.

So take full stock of all the things that make you you. All these things combined make each one of us one-of-a-kind.

Every so often, we should be cognizant that there is no one else exactly like us as an individual. Perhaps doing so will help improve our self-esteem and make us more likely to value ourselves and our lives, with all its strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons, and joys and disappointments. It is all part of a beautiful and unique tapestry that cannot be found in any place or time…ever.

Remember that you are special, and no one’s actions or words should make you believe anything different.

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