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Living Life Poetically: The Wait of the Parted Two

The poem, “The Wait of the Parted Two”, is similar in thought to another poem called “Moments in Time.” However, it applies the arbitrary concept of time to how long it actually takes to reunite with our dearly departed from both their and our perspectives. Furthermore, it poses questions we might want to ask ourselves. Perhaps through such reflections, we can look at the wait from a new perspective.

The Wait of the Parted Two
Photo Credit: Original Image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

You’ve been departed for quite a while.
Do you feel all the years gone by?

How does the time feel where you have gone?
The same as my dusk to dawn?

Are you waiting as impatiently as I?
Having been gone for quite a while?

I wonder if you feel it’s been as long
Since you’ve been gone.

Or does it feel as if in the blink of an eye
We are again reunited just after saying goodbye?

By E. Ballay

Written October 31, 2022

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