Thought of the Day

“If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.”

All plants need varying levels of sunlight to grow and thrive. It’s part of a process called photosynthesis wherein sunlight, along with water and oxygen, is converted into carbohydrates, i.e. energy.

Light plays a key role in this process. Without it, a plant will eventually wither and die. This is why you might notice plants turn or lean toward the sun. They are seeking a key source of energy and life.

Turns out, we’re not very different from plant species. This quote, by Guy Finley, reminds us to not remain in darkness–that we too need to stand where light is shining. However, our light is represented by all things positive–Positive relationships, thoughts, ideas, habits, environments, etc. Like a plant, we want to turn and lean toward this light as a source of life and energy. We too can experience a photosynthesis-like transformation within when we constantly seek and find it. Without such positive light, our lives can also wither, causing the death of all positive emotions.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By insta_photos
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