Living Life Poetically

Living Life Poetically: At the Water’s Edge

After publishing “Until We Meet Again,” I wanted to write another poem that tells a story. A fictional poem of sorts. However, this time, I felt the urge to write something that’s not so much about a fictional place with fictional human characters. Rather, one that’s about nature. Similar to “The Fact of the Matter” but with a bit more personification of nature.

So, as you read “At the Water’s Edge,” imagine an actual river flowing into a waterfall–think about its natural movements and sounds. Now, imagine it as a metaphor for life.

Read, reflect, and restore.

At the Water’s Edge
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva, Edited by Esthella B

At the water’s edge,
The river flows.
Twisting. Turning. Thrashing.
Around the bend it goes.
Wide then narrow. Rapid then slow.

At the water’s edge,
There, onward lies a cliff.
Anxious. Apprehensive. Afraid.
The water flows forward, stiff.
Cautious is its drift. Slow, but then suddenly swift.

At the water’s edge,
Now a waterfall.
Loud. Lively. Laughing.
The water’s sound rises over all.
Its mere echo affirms calm. While its mist spreads like soothing balm.

Quite the journey it can be,
At the water’s edge.

By Esthella B

Written September 19, 2019

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