Thought of the Day

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Orlando Florin Rosu

No one ever becomes a professional athlete or marathon runner without ever once pushing themself beyond their limits. That person must train to be at the level they are in. It’s that extra mile–those extra reps–that redefine what they can achieve. If they would stop or go easy every time they feel the’ve reached their max, they would never grow but plateau.

This idea not only applies to fitness but other aspects of life that challenge us.

However, when challenges mount, the first thing we want to do is limit them. We want to make them small until we’re comfortable. But if we were to limit our challenges all the time–even most of the time–we’ll find ourselves more often at a plateau and less often growing.

This anonymous quote reminds us to not limit our challenges but instead challenge our limits–to push on to that extra mile, so to speak. That is where growth happens, and where we redefine our limits beyond what we thought they were.

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