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The “Pep Talks” That are Always There When You Need Them

We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.

Maya Angelou

There is great power in quotes and sayings…This past week was a bit of a challenge, but I stumbled upon the above quote by Maya Angelou and suddenly felt more uplifted. There was a change in my mindset that transcended the feeling of hopelessness that was beginning to creep in after reading an email notification for yet another rejected job application I had put a lot of time and effort into.

I reflected on the words of Angelou and became hungry for more. Next thing I knew, I had spent an hour Googling and reading through more inspirational quotes.

It was an hour well spent.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By nakophotography

By the end of it, three things happened. First of all, I felt rejuvenate and hopeful. This feeling led to the second thing that happened: It dawned on me that quotes and sayings are indeed powerful.

I realized that they are like little “pep talks” given to mankind. Whether the person who once said or wrote them has passed on or they are still living, their words came about from something they learned and gained from their own personal life experiences. As long as life goes on, we too can use their words for guidance, wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. They will always be there when we need them.

So why not create a section on PositLive where they can always be there when people need them?

This was the third thing that happened. This realization led to creating a section for “Quotes”, which can now be found on the Sidebar.

Stay tuned!
Photo Credit: By E. Ballay

I’m always on the lookout for more quotes, so more is continually being added as I come across them. Who knows, you might spot a few that I randomly came up with while I was feeling extra inspired. You may notice one that is there one day and gone the next. Know that it’s temporarily being stitched out to make room for another. I wish to include all quotes; but for now, I’m limited to 40 at a time.

As you read through the quotes, some may strike you more than others; and what strikes you may change depending on the day or the situation you find yourself in.

Whether things are going well or not so well–in any situation, good or bad–it is my hope that they help uplift you so you can live life with even more positivity.

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