Thought of the Day

“Dream big and dare to fail.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By ladybirdanna

This quote comes from Norman Vaughan who was an explorer, dogsled driver, and olympian. During his illustrious life, he was part of an expedition to The South Pole and he summited Mount Vaughan in Antarctica, which was named after him, at the age of 89. When he finally arrived at the top of the mountain after many setbacks, he gave these words of advice: To dream big and dare to fail.

These are certainly words he lived by.

This quote reminds us to not only dream big. That is already something we hear all the time. However, we less often hear about the most important part–the part about acting on our dreams with a willingness to risk the chance of failure.

Check out this short documentary on the late Norman Vaughan below. To hear his famous words, “Dream big and dare to fail,” skip to 51:35.

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