Exploring New Ways to PositLive

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the first blog post on this site. Since then, there have been full-length articles, poetry, and–more recently– short commentaries on insightful quotes.

That means all of the content has been literary.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By merla

But I realize it’s time to begin expanding the content on this site beyond words on a screen. Articles, poetry, and commentaries will continue. However, in addition to these, there’s something else that can help support our efforts to live life with positivity. It’s missing here. Yet, it’s VERY present in my personal life.

That thing is music.

I’m excited to announce a new category called PositLive Music, along with the newly created PositLive Music: Lyrical Playlist on YouTube. The songs I will add to this playlist will go through a very selective process to make sure their words and melody uplift and encourage.

Music is powerful. In fact, music therapy is something that is used professionally. It has been found to reduce stress and improve emotional health and wellbeing.

What to Expect

Every time I add to the PositLive Music: Lyrical Playlist, there will be a post about it. In addition, the posts will include the lyrics to the song added for you to follow along as well as the link to the full playlist.

Are you ready to get this party started?

Stay tuned and tune in!

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