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How Less Can Mean More

Can having less stuff mean more? It seems counterintuitive, but the answer to that is yes. Conversely, can having more stuff mean less? Again, yes.

I never really thought about these two contradictions until a few years ago when I watched the documentary, Minimalism, on Netflix. It literally changed my outlook on life. Or rather, my outlook on stuff.

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I experienced the quintessential paradigm shift.

It turns out, having less stuff can actually add more value to our lives. For example, more peace of mind, more contentment, more time, more meaningful relationships, and more space.

Meanwhile, having more stuff doesn’t always necessarily add value. It can mean less; resulting in stress, worry, and a constant feeling of lacking something more.

It’s all about knowing the things that truly matter and asking ourselves: “Does having more stuff really make us any happier in the long-run?”

According to Ryan Nicodemus (one of the creators of the Minimalism), the point of their message is to “help people curb that appetite for more things. Because it’s such a destructive path to go in.”

“We are out sharing a recipe…We’re not trying to proselytize. We’re not trying to convert anyone to minimalism. But I do want to share a recipe and see if there are ingredients that other people can get value from, and apply those ingredients to their own life.

Joshua Fields Millburn, Minimalism
“Minimalism” Trailer

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