Living Life Poetically

Living Life Poetically: “Empty”

The poem, “Empty,” is part of what I’m calling my “Series of Unfortunate Poetry.” This poem was written in 2013. I had just completed my Masters, and I was jobless with looming student loan debt. Nothing seemed to be working out in my life despite all the efforts I had made and continued to make.

As a result, my life felt empty, my future felt empty; and it seemed like my goals and dreams were being shut down left and right.

At the time, I didn’t know what else to do but to sink deeper and deeper into hopelessness and self-pity.

However, in feeling “empty” I grew to appreciate not just a glass half filled, but even the tiniest drop of water in my cup. Trust me, it wasn’t easy. But know that it’s not impossible.

Photo Credit: Original image by Canva, Edited by Esthella B

A pit in the stomach, a pit in the chest.
Empty….yet full with pain, heavy with sadness…I confess.
Empty and desolate with all joy removed.
It’s presence ever being there? No echo to prove.

By Esthella B

Written Winter 2013

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