Thought of the Day

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”

It’s common for us to have goals–aspirations for our lives. But the plans we execute to achieve these goals don’t always work out. Unfortunately, things not working out can be more common, or just as common, as when they do. But what is even more unfortunate is the temptation, when things do not work out, to not only give up on the plan but to also give up on the goal all together. This quote, by an unknown author, reminds us to keep our eyes on the prize.

When you’re driving and you approach one dead end, you don’t just give up on reaching your destination and head back home. Instead, you make a U-turn and go another way. Similarly, there are different routes to accomplishing your goals; but there will be dead ends. Plans may fail. However, the goal that inspires them (the destination) should still remain. Instead of giving up on the goal, reassess the plan, learn from its failure, and use those learned lessons to modify the approach–to navigate a new route.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By tonktiti
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