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Living Life Poetically: Remember the Storms

“Remember the Storms” is an homage to all the challenging times (or storms) we’ve been through. Specifically, the ones we’ve overcome; or perhaps, we’ve come a long way from where we were. We’ve healed substantially.

Often, we want to plow forward and not look back at all. But this robs us of the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate how far we’ve come.

We all have storms in our past. And unfortunately, they’ll continue to brew in our present and future. Remembering the ones we’ve already gone through can empower and inspire us to face current and future challenges with an ‘I’ve weathered the storm before, I can do it again mentality’. It also reminds us that the storm (at least in it’s highest intensity) does not last forever.

Remember the Storms
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

When all is calm,
Remember the storm.
Torrential rain, it poured down.
You thought it will never be dawn.

When all is well,
Remember the pain.
Copious tears, they poured out.
You thought you will never see light again.

When the present is no longer what was,
When happiness needs no deliberate cause,
When life goes on without pause,

Remember the sorrows of before,
That you had to endure.

Remember the arduous past,
That, forever, did not last.

By E. Ballay

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