Thought of the Day

“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.”

When an artist paints a picture, they are constantly working through mistakes. They might realize a color is slightly off, a brush stroke is too thick or in the wrong direction, or an object in the painting isn’t where they want it to be. So they adjust things–and it’s all in their power to do so.

In the same way, we are the artists of our own lives.

As this quote by Guy Finley reminds us, we have the power to let go and start over. And no person or thing can stop us from turning a new page, mixing new colors, and adjusting as we go. Meanwhile, we can remember that starting over from mistakes is all part of creating a masterpiece. Once we know this, the freer we are to make mistakes, take risks, and overcome any disappointment with a new stroke.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By rh2010
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