Hand holding the globe signifying handling current world events.

Reflecting on Current Events

Hand holding the globe signifying handling current world events.
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Creative Digital Art

Sometimes, our life equation is not so simple, especially when current world events weigh on our consciousness and our reality. Here at PositLive, we focus on the things that supersede politics and partisanship. Our focus is instead on common-sense principles. To name a few, we’re all created equal, we must treat each other with kindness, we should always seek to learn and understand, and we should hang on to hope no matter how bleak the situation.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always operate with such common-sense principles. But, for a moment, imagine the type of world we’d live in if it did.

Now back to reality. You may be directly or indirectly affected by current events. You may be feeling powerless as you consider the sheer magnitude of situations beyond your control.

While we continue to deliver words of hope and encouragement, there’s the awareness that words alone may not be enough for those who are directly impacted by current events now or at any other time. Moreover, those very words may come across as insensitive to the issues at hand.

Whatever ways you’re impacted, know that your feelings are valid and acknowledged.

In respect to current events, both short and long-form posts may appear less frequently. Meanwhile, you are welcome to explore past posts that may deliver the message you need at this time. The poems, Choose Light, Hope’s Promise, It Takes Time, and In His Words from our collection, Living Life Poetically, are a good place to start. In addition, consider doing the following:

Steps To Cope With Unfortunate Current Events

  1. Moderate your consumption of the news if you have to.
  2. Talk to those you can trust about how current events are affecting you.
  3. Educate yourself about the different facets of an issue, its history, and its future implications.
  4. Respectfully educate others.

Read, reflect, and restore.

~E. Ballay

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