Thought of the Day

“Rise above the storm, and you will find the sunshine.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By aleksandar nakovski

When we look at a sky covered with thick dark clouds during one of those storms in the middle of the day, it’s easy to imagine the sun is no longer there or that it has ceased to shine for a moment. However, the sun is still there–shining no more nor no less. It’s only hidden.

This quote, by Mario Fernández, reminds us to rise above the storm to find the sunshine. Literally speaking, that is exactly what we’d have to do to find it. Above the storm clouds carrying rain and lightning, the sun shines on. Figuratively speaking, the same applies to life. The simple joys and beauty of life haven’t gone anywhere. They’re always there. But sometimes life’s storm clouds can hide them, be it temporarily or longer than we anticipated.

Yes, we can wait for the storm to pass. But while we wait, we can do our best to rise above it to find the sunshine–those things that are always there that bring us joy and happiness. During a storm, it’s easy to forget they haven’t gone anywhere. It’ll just take a bit more effort to find them above the storm.

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