Thought of the Day

“The future is always beginning now.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Lustre

Thinking about the future can elicit hope for better days to come. It can also make us think of things only happening until much time has passed. Meanwhile, it can make us feel as if we have plenty of time to do what we need and want to do.

As a result, we’re left hoping for better days that we don’t really think will come any time soon while procrastinating on what will make those better days come sooner. We’re left with a hope that often feels unrequited.

This unfortunate feeling is, in part, due to the way we think about the future.

As this quote by Mark Strand states, the future is always beginning now. In other words, the future is, technically, what follows every passing moment of every day. This means we don’t have to wait to begin kindling the flames of our “brighter future.” We can begin to see things brighter, now.

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