Thought of the Day

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Anna Velichkovsky

This quote is from Linda Woolverton’s screen adaptations of Alice In Wonderland. It’s said by the characters Charles Kingsleigh (2010) and Alice Kingsleigh (2016).

The quote reminds us that achieving what seems impossible requires some amount of hope and faith that it can be done.

Naturally, our effort is commiserate to our belief in a positive outcome. In other words, it’s hard to put in the necessary effort if we feel like our effort will be in vain. Moreover, it’s harder to persevere through difficulties. Without hope and faith, we are more likely to give up or not try at all.

Therefore, our most critical step in anything that seems impossible is simply believing in its possibility.

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