What It Means to Live Life With Positivity During a Global Pandemic

Here on PositLive, it’s all about living life with positivity. As we continue to face tragedies and uncertainties every day, it’s becoming more difficult to do that. While PositLive means living life with positivity in the good times and bad, I would be remiss if I don’t explain exactly what that means in the situation we’re in.

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Why take the time to explain this?

Because things like positivity, strength, courage, faith, fearlessness–all the things that are encouraged on this site–can easily be misinterpreted. I want to make it clear that those wonderful attributes should not in any way justify actions that might put yourself and those around you in harm’s way.

In the face of the tragedies and uncertainties brought on by Covid-19, having faith and being positive doesn’t mean ignoring all the warnings and advice out there. It’s not just about what we should be doing to keep ourselves safe but also those around us. We all collectively play a role in all of this. Yes, we can still be positive, strong, courageous, hopeful…However, more than ever, we have to be intentional about how we achieve those emotions.

The Ultimate PositLive Quarantine Guide

Unfortunately, until treatments and vaccinations are made available by the medical community, these are the best things we can do to fight the spread of Covid-19.

  1. If you have no reason to go out in public, stay home. This is the best and safest option there is.
  2. If you do have to go out in public, put on a mask AND keep at a distance. Don’t have a mask? Check out some of the DIY tutorials online to learn how to make one.
  3. If you have no choice but to be out in public and in close proximity with others, by all means, wear a mask.
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Considering that these are our best options right now, how can we still make the most of each day and the most our relationships?

Well, it all boils down to two things: 1. exploration and 2. socialization.

  1. Exploration: Explore things you can do at home that are fun, engaging, and exciting. Make sure they’re things you actually look forward to and switch them up so the days don’t end up being boring.
  2. Socialization: Find ways to still get the same amounts and types of social interaction you had before; although not in person. From things like virtual dinners, happy hours, and game nights, to having a virtual “workout buddy” or movie night.

Remember that living life with positivity first and foremost means living life. At this time, we have to make wise decisions to accomplish that first step. Next is determining how to make the things we must do to achieve health and wellbeing a more positive situation.

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