Thought of the Day

“You can make life very simple or very complicated. Some people try to be what others want them to be.  Others try to be different just to stand out. In both cases, they are changing themselves to impress others. Neither of these paths has a heart. Just be true to yourself.  It’s that simple.”

Whether you’re trying to be what others want you to be or you’re consciously trying to be different to stand out, you’re concerned with what other people think. This quote, by Mike Stutman, serves as a great reminder to reflect on the reason why you are who you are. If any part of your identity has to do with what people think, then there could be a part of you that’s not authentically you. Meanwhile, there could be a part of you missing that you haven’t yet discovered.

Sadly, some people go through their whole life neither discovering nor living true to who they really are because they spend so much of their time trying to be different to stand out or trying to be what other’s want them to be. The best gift you can give yourself is to be yourself.

Photo Credit: Adobe stock, By Grispb

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