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Developing Life Goals: Set, Plan, Execute, Track

Photo Credit: Goals Wizard by Brian Tracy
Available on Apple & Android

From improving our health to advancing in our career, strengthening our faith, or just doing whatever it is we’ve been putting off, there are many apps out there for productivity and time management. They make it easier to actually do the things we say we’ll do…tomorrow.

Goals Wizard by Brian Tracy is one of them them. For each goal you set, you dive deep with a questionnaire that explores why you really want to accomplish it and obstacles standing in the way. You can set a target date and benchmarks, fill in to-do lists with one-time and recurring activities. Furthermore, it enables you to edit a built-in calendar that can sync to your device or Google Calendar. The “Reality Check” is also a nice feature. It reminds you of what you wrote at the very beginning about your goals and aspirations.

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