Thought of the Day

“Don’t focus on regrets; find your inspiration in what you can do now.”

Focusing on regrets is like driving with our eyes constantly on the rearview mirror. Ideally, they should focus more on where we are and where we’re going.

This quote, from inspirational writer Catherine Pulsifer, cautions us against focusing too much on regrets. Instead, it encourages us to turn our “should haves”, “could haves”, and “would haves” into “will do now, differently.”

It’s not wrong to ruminate on past mistakes in order to learn valuable lessons. However, when we’re stuck in our regrets, we forget to apply those lessons learned or to remedy our mistakes now. Moreover, we may not feel as inspired to do so.

Returning to our illustration, the pothole we drove through viewed in the rearview mirror of our vehicle should make us even more focused on the one just ahead and drive accordingly.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By jamesbin
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