Thought of the Day

“For one to have complete satisfaction from flowers, you must have time to spend with them.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By vladteodor

Imagine having a beautiful flower garden in your backyard or porch. It has all your favorite flowers and they’re in full bloom. But there’s just one problem. You never have any time to sit in your backyard/porch and barely have time to even look at the garden. Before you know it, the season changes. The flowers wither and are gone before you’ve had much time to enjoy them.

This quote, by Grace Kelly, is reminiscent of the saying “Take time to smell the roses.” However, it takes things further and goes beyond a simple suggestion. It expresses the fact that not taking time to smell the roses (i.e. flowers), may result in not enjoying them as much, if at all.

It’s easy to go through life like this–To be so busy or preoccupied that there’s little to no time to appreciate the flowers all around you.

The flowers can be anything. They can be moments in time, the things you enjoy doing, people in your life, a place, the outdoors–or actual flowers. Whatever they are for you, spending time with them each day is so important to your overall well-being. So when that time is severely lacking, it’s a clear indication of a life imbalance–a need to readjust, reprioritize, or intentionally schedule the time you need.

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