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Living Life Poetically: The Road

“The Road” chronicles my journey to where I am today. But it’s not all about me. It chronicles all of our journeys through life in general.

The first half of the poem was actually written a few years ago–right up to the word “blue.” However, I couldn’t figure out how to complete it until yesterday, when I was going back through some older poems I had written. I read what I had of “The Road.”

Next thing I knew, the rest of it came to me.


After completing this poem, I realized two things. First of all, being stuck on “blue” was more than a writer’s block. Second, this poem is about all of our lives.

It’s the story of hopelessness, giving up and taking various paths, feeling lost, and finding our way. Keep in mind that we may go back a few steps from time to time. So, we are always somewhere along the road. But each time we do find our way, the light at the end of the road shines a bit brighter.

We must persevere and never give up; even when times are hard…Especially when times are hard.

The Road
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

The road is far, and it’s hard to see.
It’s the road toward my destiny.

I try to find it, but it can’t be found.
So, I decide to turn myself around.

In another direction I march.
Confident but feeling parched.

I take a long walk down a dark avenue.
And suddenly, I’m feeling blue.

But then the end of the road appears.
A light at the horizon casts away all my fears.

Hope kindles like a blazing fire.
I feel it reignite all my desires.

Hope, love, joy, and peace.
I feel them now. I’m much more at ease.

A more beautiful tomorrow I can now behold.
Whatever happens, He will make it gold

For all things happen for the good of those
who love him. And that’s what I chose.

The road was far and hard to see.
Hope, love, joy, and peace–life’s destiny

By E. Ballay

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