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Life Changing: One of the Best Videos on Self-Esteem

Finally, after Self-Esteem Part 1, 2, and 3, it’s time to share a video that brings it all together. You’ll notice right away that it’s an old video. But don’t let the old video quality give you a negative bias toward it. It’s definitely worth watching from start to finish.


Because it’s, by far, one of the best videos on self-esteem out there.

Watch, reflect, and restore.

Video Credit: Barksdale Foundation, By BarksdaleAboutLife.com

After viewing, think about the following:

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By Jamrooferpix
  • Do I feel kind and loving toward myself?
  • Do I suffer from guilt, resentment, anxiety, loneliness, anger, or jealousy?
  • Am I my body?
  • Am I my mind?
  • What am I if I’m not defined by my mind or body?
  • What faulty awareness do I have?
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