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Living Life Poetically: Why

This week, I was told a story that made me ask “why.” I hate to be depressing here on PositLive, but we can’t avoid this topic.

There are certain unfortunate things in life that are difficult or impossible to explain, like someone who’s devoted their life helping others unexpectedly passing away from a terminal illness or a freak accident. Or maybe it’s the death of an infant or young child; or “bad things happening to good people.” But it requires some amount of faith to know that there’s a bigger picture in all things good and bad.

We can drive ourselves crazy trying to find some logical explanation. But the fact of the matter is that it’s hard to find the rhyme or reason to tragedy.

Sometimes, with no answer to “why,” we start thinking about all the “would-haves, could-haves, and should-haves.” Basically, we think of how things might be different if only some variable was changed. But thinking about all the alternate scenarios only leads to deeper sadness and depression.

No matter how we look at it, tragedy sucks. Period.

And whenever it strikes–whether its a story on the news, an event from the past, or in our own lives–we inevitably ask the question “why.”

The poem, “Why,” is about asking this question and the fact that the answer might only be up in the heavens.

Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

Sad, confused, and in denial.
You weren’t ready to say goodbye.

Slow down. Take a breath.
Look to the sky.

Think hard. Think Deep.
Ask questions. Why?

What’s the meaning? What’s the reason?
But you find none to apply,

To the injustice, to the pain,
Of an innocent life gone by.

It’s ok if you must cry.

What’s the meaning? What’s the reason?
The answers may not be here, but where angels lie.  

By E. Ballay

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