Thought of the Day

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

In every sport, a team or individual is “trying” to win. To this end, many attempts are made to have the highest score–from shots on a basketball court to games on a tennis court and goals on a football/soccer field. Invariably, not every attempt is successful. This anonymous quote brings this sports reference to mind. Some shots, goals, and hits will be missed, which is what makes the sport more interesting for its spectators. A perfect game where every attempt to score is successful would be both boring and unheard of.

If mistakes are expected in a sporting match, they should come as no surprise when they occur in life’s unpredictable arena where we’re not always able to plan our next move. Like in a sporting match, the missed shots in life’s grand arena are proof that we’re trying. Meanwhile, they can also be approached in the same way an athlete would approach their missed shots. Let’s get into our team huddles, modify our approach, and try again.

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