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The Book That Turned Things Around

If you’ve read certain PositLive posts on self-esteem and motivation, you may have already heard about the book, Building Self-Esteem by L.S. Barksdale.

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For me, this book has been life-changing. In fact, it is one of the things that inspired me to start PositLive. My thoughts were: ‘There has to be a way to share such life-changing ideas that can brighten people’s day–week–month–years–and (potentially) life.

So, I guess it’s about time that I add this book to my list of favorite things.

As outlined in Building Self-Esteem, our self-esteem is behind every life decision we make. Furthermore, our self-esteem develops without us realizing it. Because of our self-esteem’s importance in our lives and the obscure ways that it develops, we must understand it. This can make all the difference.

Therefore, no matter what your self-esteem assessment score is (take the assessment here) there is always room to increase your understanding. There is always room to build upon something that can have a tremendous impact on what you do, how you feel, and who you become.

Notice of Affiliation: PositLive is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by this product. I just like sharing things that help people positlive.

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