New Year, New Look!

Over the past few months, there have been meetings, emails, and a whole lot of brainstorming around what PositLive would look like from a visual standpoint. More specifically, what a PositLive logo would look like.

Special thanks to Kanga Studio for their amazing work and partnership in this endeavor.

PositLive’s debut brand logo speaks to the meaning and slogan of positlive: To live life with positivity. To manage to smile amidst life’s ongoing challenges and difficulties all around you; not because you choose to ignore hardships. Rather, because you’ve discovered new ways to process them with wisdom and perspective.

Incase you’re wondering or don’t recall what this site use to look like, perhaps the image below will jog your memory.

It’s a new year, new look for PositLive–And it can be for you as well. So as you proceed into 2023 and beyond, consider what living life with positivity will look like for you.

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