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The “Life Maze”

There’s a big difference between the maze you see drawn on paper and a physical maze one, typically made out of hedges. Sometimes, when we’re not sure which way to go in life, it helps to imagine our life as a physical maze. This depiction reveals three important realities about life that can help put our uncertainties about which way to go into perspective.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By aluna1
  1. We can only see our “life maze” at ground level, not at a birds-eye view. So, we might take some wrong turns, fail, make mistakes and bad decisions.
    • That’s okay as long as we learn from them. At the end of the day, we’ll then know which way not to go or what not to do so we can redirect our course.
  2. Some roads will be blocked. That can be a good thing.
    • Some endeavors end up leading us nowhere or where we shouldn’t be heading. In hindsight, there may have already been some dead ends in our life that we’re now grateful for.
  3. Only God has a bird-eye view of our “life maze”.
    • Only He knows what’s at the end of each turn and can help direct us where to go.
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