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“The purpose of fear is to raise your awareness, not to stop your progress.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By panitan

Fear is often regarded as one of those emotions we must do everything we can to suppress. And rightly so! However, as this quote by Steve Maraboli suggests, it’s not necessarily fear itself that should be a matter of concern. Instead, it’s the effect it has on us, which can be positive or negative.

On the one hand, fear can be debilitating. It can prevent us from moving forward. And it can result in anxiety, negatively affecting our well-being. But on the other hand, fear is a natural emotion that is and has always been critical to our survival. Without fear, we would not only be complacent in the face of danger but in any situation that isn’t ideal. Without fear, our ancestors would have walked when they needed to run. In such instances, we see that fear raises our awareness in order to act promptly and appropriately.

So when fear takes hold of you, remember why such an emotion exists in the first place–from an evolutionary perspective. Rather than being too paralyzed to act, lean into the positive aspect of fear that makes you even more prepared to do so.

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