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“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By H_Ko

Of the three bones mentioned in this quote by singer and actor Reba McEntire, only the backbone (i.e. spine) actually exists in the human body. The wishbone (furcula) is found in birds. Meanwhile, the funny bone isn’t really a bone but a nerve that runs along the arm.

Clearly, this quote is not one to be taken literally. Yet, its figurative bones are just as important as the 206 literal bones that are part of the (adult) human anatomy.

According to McEntire, you need each of these “bones” to succeed in life. You need a “wishbone” to dream big and have hope. You need a “backbone” to keep going and have courage and perseverance. Finally, you need a “funny bone” to not take life too seriously but have a healthy sense of humor about things.

So every once in a while, do your own physical checkup. X-ray your metaphysical self to make sure your wishbone, backbone, and funny bone are not only there but free of fractures and not lacking in density. Let’s make sure they’re all there in good form and in full strength.

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