Thought of the Day

“Worry is like sand in an oyster. A little produces a pearl, too much kills the animal.”

Too much worry can be destabilizing and paralyzing. Not to mention, detrimental to our health. This is the level of worry that automatically comes to mind when we think about what worry means. We usually think of it at its extreme.

However, this quote (author unclear) invites us to think about worry beyond its extreme. At the opposite end of its extreme is the worry that’s just enough to care and take calm, thoughtful, and meaningful action. This is when the magic happens. But the constant challenge is having just the right amount of worry that’s useful but not destructive to our goals and wellbeing. And one way this can be achieved is by having faith whenever we start to notice our worry is no longer producing pearls.

Pearl oyster in the sand. Blurred sea at the background.
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