Thought of the Day

“The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.”

Sometimes the future can be scary rather than exciting. Where you see yourself in five years, ten years, or maybe more might seem drastically different from where you are currently. However, what you envision for the future isn’t something that should be expected to happen overnight. Luckily, you have time–most likely many days–to get there.

This quote (author unclear), is a great reminder that the future comes one day at a time. Therefore, you have time to not only plan and prepare for it but also take deliberate steps now.

Two things happen when we reimagine the future as progressive days rather than something that suddenly happens far off in the distance: First, the future doesn’t seem quite so scary. Second, there’s more motivation to take actionable steps to achieve our goals. With a “one day at a time” toward the inevitable future mentality, we’re more inclined to make the most of each day that leads up to it.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By chartphoto
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