Thought of the Day

“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.”

Naturally, we’re sad when something ends–especially something we enjoyed. But as this quote by Jonathan Lockwood Huie reminds us, endings are one of the things that make new beginnings possible.

We may not recognize what that new beginning is at first. Sometimes new beginnings are wrapped in disguise.

It’s easy to recognize the intentional ones where we consciously decide to begin something new to replace what has ended. But it’s harder to recognize the new beginnings we don’t decide on. Like the doors and opportunities that seem to open out of nowhere. Or the new beginnings that are within. Like the subtle change in our perspective–a shift in how we think and act.

No matter what that new beginning looks like, it can be celebrated right along with the endings that made them possible.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By YUTO PHOTOGRAPHER
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