Thought of the Day

“It might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you.”

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, y Pixel-Shot

There is so much excitement when a baby takes their first step. Yes, countless others have done it before. But that doesn’t make an infant’s first step any less exciting.

It’s easy for us to remember and celebrate major “first time” moments like this. Other ones might be our first day of school, first time on an airplane, or first job. The list goes on.

But there are so many other “first” moments in life that go unnoticed. They slide under the radar with no thought or recognition.

This quote, by Elizabeth Gilbert, brings up an interesting reflection: We are literally making history within our very own personal life story every time we do something new. Yes, others may have done it before, but we haven’t.

By being more mindful of all our first moments, we avoid the risk of letting them slip by without us recognizing them. And when we recognize them, we are more likely to feel a greater sense of gratitude and positivity each and every day.

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