Thought of the Day

“When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.”

Sometimes the value we have of ourselves is swayed by others. This is dangerous, especially when they’re making us feel less about ourself.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By fotomek

This anonymous quote tells us that no one can make us feel worthless as long as we already know we’re not. It’s that simple. But self-worth can sometimes be misguided. We make it contingent upon external factors like our success, our look, or our associations. However, self-worth is far less complicated.

Knowing your worth, at its core, is all about knowing and valuing your uniqueness. It’s about appreciating what makes you special. And nothing anyone does or says can or should take that away. Therefore, nothing anyone does or says can or should diminish your worth. Besides, no one should have that power.

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