Thought of the Day

“No exact recipe for today. Gather all available ingredients and whip yourself up something delicious.”

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Sometimes our days can be so laid out and scripted that they leave no room for us to just be. This quote, by Lin-Manuel Miranda, reminds us that some days don’t need to follow a strict plan or schedule. Some days need “no exact recipe.” We can use what we already have in our pantry–the ingredients our lives have been blessed with–and create something delicious.

Therefore, we need such unplanned days. Without them, we eventually lose steam. We may, eventually, begin to ask ourselves, “what’s the point?” But days without exact recipes keep us grounded, re-energized, and focused on the essential.

So once in a while, put down those measuring cups and spoons (i.e. daily planners, todo lists, and schedules) and see what an unplanned day might bring. Who knows, you may discover a new recipe.

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