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Living Life Poetically: The Intangible Gifts of God

About half of this poem (later titled “The Intangible Gifts of God”) was written on August 2, 2014. It was originally intended to be a song, but that plan went nowhere. At the time, all I had was the first line in the first, second, fourth, and sixth stanzas–but no chorus and no established melody to rightfully call it a song.

After having these lines sitting there for over four years, I decided to just forget the chorus and move on.

I’m glad I did.

I was stuck on a few lines that were going nowhere because I told myself they must be part of a song. So I didn’t entertain other possibilities for them. However, building on what was there and simply calling it a poem was the right answer all along.

In a way, this can be an analogy for life. Sometimes we try to get things perfect–just right. We’re searching for that perfect chorus and melody. However, this may cause us to become paralyzed. So in the end, nothing or very little get’s done. Not only that, because we have such a set idea of what “perfect” should be, we dismiss all other possibilities that may very well be just as good or even better.

The poem, “The Intangible Gifts of God” is about the things we can and should pray for to enrich our mind, body, soul, relationships, and life in general. It’s a series of requests we can make to God to help us do the best we can to be the best we can.

The Intangible Gifts of God
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

Place your truth in my mind,
So I may not be so blind.

Place your holy spirit upon my soul,
That I may be peaceful and whole.

Place your words on my tongue,
So joy may fill my lung.

Place your way upon my feet,
For your path makes this life more complete.

Place your deeds upon my hands,
To help me fulfill your commands.

Place your love in my heart,
And please don’t let it ever depart.

By E. Ballay

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