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Living Life Poetically: The Unspoken Words

There’s a lot that can be read in a person’s body language. So, it’s good to recognize people’s nonverbals, as that can be very revealing about your relationship.


Let’s not go overboard. There’s always the possibility of misinterpreting something or rushing to the wrong conclusion.

The point here is to be aware–to not disregard the nonverbals or be completely oblivious to them; because sometimes, these “nonverbal messages” can reveal more than the verbal ones do.

“The Unspoken Words,” is about that. More specifically, it’s about the pretenses that exist in some relationships. As a result, these relationships are less authentic. They are built on an illusion of mutual liking. However, underneath the unspoken words, you might realize a person might not be as fond of you as you thought, or as you are of them.

The Unspoken Words
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

It’s in the unspoken words.

The lack of eye contact.
The feet turned away.

Such actions speak louder than the words we hear.
Contrary, at times, to what is spoken.

If  unspoken words could speak they might say,

Let’s break these cords that bind us.
Let’s end all the spoken words between us.

For all our pleasantries are deceiving us,
From the truth behind the unspoken words.

By E. Ballay

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