Living Life Poetically

Living Life Poetically: They Tried so Hard

My inspiration for “They Tried so Hard” comes from observing social media and people. No doubt, we live in a world that values fame, prestige, wealth, and all other superficial things.

So, “They Tried so Hard” is a lament and a caution.

It’s a lament to all those who spent most of their lives worrying about the things that don’t really matter. Therefore, they never understood the grand scheme of things. One of the things mentioned in this poem (earning a living) does matter. But the point here is to not lose sight of the bigger picture.

“They Tried so Hard” is also a caution to us–here and now–to learn from those who have gone before us who tried so hard. We can choose to smell the roses.

They Tried So Hard
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

They tried so hard to make a living
That they forgot to live,
Never noticing the beautiful life there within and around them.

They tried so hard to be somebody
That they forgot they were already somebody,
Never acknowledging the beauty in the person they already were.

They tried so hard to find happiness
That they failed to find joy,
Never discovering a much truer happiness.

They tried so hard to fit in
That they didn’t know who they were,
Never appreciating their own uniqueness.

They tried so hard to please others, to be liked and revered
That they forgot to please God,
Never realizing only His opinion truly matters.

They tried so hard for the things
That don’t really matter,
Never understanding the things that do matter.

They tried so hard for the things
That don’t really matter,
In the bigger picture,
Never ever being able to see
The bigger picture.

By E. Ballay

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